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Call for Papers - Opportunities and democratic Challenges of ICT Development in East Asia, with a focus on China (U4 Conference 4-6 Nov.)

01 juni 2015

Call for Papers - Opportunities and democratic Challenges of ICT development in East Asia, with a focus on China (U4 Conference 4-6 Nov.)

Panel topic:

During the past few decades, the unprecedented growth in information and communication technologies has helped to intensify economic, political and cultural-scientific relations on a global level. The far ends of the world have become connected ever more closely. Nowadays, we face a time of new forms of digital communication, engagement and participation, fostered by the rise of social media, and the use of these media by ordinary citizens as a means of expression or by civil society to cultivate protest. What has been the impact of all this on the political and democratic development of the region East Asia and its individual countries, as well as on the mutual relationship between Europe and East Asia? To what extent has it affected the role of central governments? More on the Call . . .

The Conference

The University of Groningen, specifically Globalisation Studies Groningen and Sustainable Society Groningen, invites paper proposals for a U4 Cluster Conference Social Sciences, Economics and Law (SSEL), hosted by the University of Groningen, 4-6 November 2015.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and PhD students from the participating universities on topics specifically addressing today's global challenges for societies. The U4 cooperation is especially intended to take stock of academic research activities within the participating universities. The aim is to disseminate research, stimulate research cooperation, provide a venue for innovative and multi-disciplinary research approaches and critical reflection.

Visit the conference website.

Visit the webpage for the CEASG East Asia Panel: Opportunities and democratic Challenges of ICT development in East Asia, with a focus on China.

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