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CEASG welcomes visiting researcher dr. Gaby Bamana

21 april 2016
Gaby Bamana
Gaby Bamana

Gaby Bamana holds a PhD in social Anthropology at the University of Wales, UK, conducts research on Mongolia and Inner Asia. Dr. Bamana, who is fluent in Mongolian, is author of numerous articles and books on Mongolian culture including On the tea road, A journey into Mongolian life and culture(2011); "Articles Tea practices in Mongolia: A field of gendered power and meanings" (Asian Ethnology) "Dogs and Herders: Mythical Kinship, Spiritual analogy, and Sociality in rural Mongolia " (Sino- Platonic papers, March 2014); "Men on the right and women on the left: Symbolism and metaphor in Mongolian ger domestic space" (Mongolia Society Journal).

On Tuesday 17 May dr. Bamana will give a lecture at Studium Generale in collaboration with CEASG: Conversion of a Missionary - The Mongolian and Congolese Experience.

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