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CEASG welcomes dr. Toshiharu Hase as Osaka University’s new Regional Director

11 april 2016
dr. Toshiharu Hase
dr. Toshiharu Hase

CEASG welcomes dr. Toshiharu Hase as the newly appointed Regional Director of the European Center for Academic Initiatives Osaka University, based at the University of Groningen.

Dr. Hase is Professor Emeritus of Osaka University and formerly affiliated to the Institute of Protein Research at Osaka University. His research interests include photosynthetic electron transfer, ferredoxin-dependent redox metabolisms and the structure/function of redox enzymes.

The European Centre in Groningen was opened in 2005 as an overseas Centre for Osaka University. Since then, it has organized exclusive activities for Osaka University’s staff and students, and collected and promoted information about research and education in Europe.

The European Centre promotes several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying in Europe, and brings European students to Japan. In addition it aims to strengthen academic cooperation between Osaka University and partner institutions in Europe, for instance through staff exchange. One of the European Centre’s most important roles is to support Osaka University’s alumni in Europe.

Dr. Hase succeeds Gareth Connah, who oversaw the move of the Osaka Centre from the Zernike Campus to the Faculty of Arts. The European Center for Academic Initiatives Osaka University neighbors with the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) and Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) at the Harmonie Building.

CEASG and GSG actively cooperate with the Osaka Centre regarding joint conferencing , student exchange and research collaboration.

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