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Student blog: Why East Asian Studies?

19 mei 2016
Boris Jansen
Boris Jansen

In this blog our new Student Ambassador Boris Jansen writes about his experience with the Master's specialization programme East Asian Studies. Visit our blog page to read more articles about East Asia.

Why East Asian Studies?

I’ve been interested in East Asia for a long time. Since primary school I’ve been fascinated by Japan and in 2010 I participated in the International Geography Olympiad held in Taiwan, which sparked my academic interest in the entire region. When I got the opportunity to go to Japan for 6 months as an exchange student, during my third year studying Human Geography and Spatial Planning at the RUG, I gladly took it. I studied at Osaka University and experienced some of the most exciting and interesting months of my life studying various facets of Japan (its culture, history, language, policy and international standing amongst others) as well as meeting a lot of great people from around the world. After this I decided I wanted to focus on East Asia and Japan specifically, looking at several programs in the Netherlands and abroad before choosing the East Asian studies programme at the RUG, choosing to specialise in Japan. Read more

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