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Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology

University Medical Center Groningen

Dick de Zeeuw

Professor Dick de Zeeuw
Professor Dick de Zeeuw

Short Biography

Dr Dick de Zeeuw earned his MD from the University of Groningen in 1975. His finished his PhD thesis in 1980 on the topic of renal hypertension in the Renal Department of the Groningen University. Trained in clinical and experimental renal research at the Renal Department in Groningen, and trained in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Dallas (1984-1985). He was Board Certified in 1996 at the University of Groningen. Dr de Zeeuw is currently Professor and Chair of the Research Section of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

He serves (served) on the editorial board of several international journals, including Kidney International, Journal of Hypertension, JRAAS, Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension, Journal of Geriatric Urology and Nephrology, NEPHRON, Clinical Nephrology, Clinical Kidney Journal, European Journal Preventive Cardiology.

He is Director of the Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE), and member of International Society of Nephrology Council.

His research interests include: optimize the current and find new therapy approaches to reduce the progressive loss of cardiovascular and renal function, both in diabetic and non-diabetic renal disease. The role of albuminuria/proteinuria and microalbuminuria as biomarker for cardiac and renal disease progression has his particular interest, not only trying to establish the independent “causal” role of albumin leakage in renal and cardiovascular disease progression, but also to establish intervention strategies that lower albuminuria/proteinuria with the supposed organ protective results. In his “albuminuria” quest he initiated large cohort studies such as PREVEND (general population) and GIANTT (type 2 diabetes), and was/is involved in the leadership of several clinical trials on preventing diabetic cardiovascular and renal progression such as RENAAL (AII receptor antagonist), PLANET (statin), TREAT (EPO), VITAL (vitD), SUN (sulodexide), ALTITUDE (renin-inhibition), CANVAS and CREDENCE (SGLT2-inhibition), RADAR and SONAR (atrasentan), BEACON (bardoxolone).

Unraveling the reasons for individual therapy resistance and creating a response score to evaluate the total effect of drugs are the topics that he judges to be the important focus for the next decades.

He has authored more than 780 international scientific publications (Researcher ID:; Google Scholar ID: and more than 60 book chapters, and received the Lennart Hansson Memorial Lecture Award from the European Society of Hypertension, the International Distinguished Medal from the American National Kidney Foundation, and a special lecture award from the Japanese Society of Nephrology.

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