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PI: Zuhorn, I.S.

University Medical Center Groningen

Drug delivery across cellular barriers

Principal investigator Dr. I.S. Zuhorn

Dr. Inge Zuhorn is leading the research group ‘ Drug Targeting across Cellular Barriers', based in the Department of Cell Biology / section Membrane Cell Biology, at the University Medical Center Groningen. She has over 9 years experience in the fields of Non-Viral Drug/Gene Delivery, and Cell Biology. She graduated in Medical Biology from the University of Groningen, and has a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Groningen, for which she was awarded the Greiner Award, for the best thesis on gene therapy published in 2002 in the Netherlands (by the Dutch Society for Gene Therapy) and the van Swinderen Prize, for the best dutch summary of a thesis published in 2002 at the University of Groningen (by the Royal Physics Society).

From 2002-2007 Dr. Zuhorn worked at the Biomade Technology Foundation, a research institute whose mission is to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and applicable technology in the field of molecular nanotechnology, where she developed an ex vivo method to efficiently deliver genes into stem cells through the activation of adhesion receptors.

In 2007 she went back to the University, working as a post doc on a Top Institute Pharma project ‘Nanoscience as a tool to enhance the bioavailability and blood-brain barrier penetration of CNS drugs’.

Currently, Dr. Zuhorn supervises five PhD students, that work on the design of targeted nanocarriers for drug delivery across brain endothelial cells, and study the mechanism behind non-viral gene delivery using lipoplexes, polyplexes, and solid lipid nanoparticles.

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