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PI: Sibon

University Medical Center Groningen

Towards understanding mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr. Ody C.M. Sibon
(Curriculum Vitae)


Survival strategies of organisms to genotoxic, proteotoxic and metabolic stress are required to live a long and healthy live. In case of disturbance of survival strategies abnormalities occur that may finally lead to a reduced life span and/or disorders such as neurodegeneration. Understanding the basic mechanisms underlying cellular and organismal responses to stress and investigating what the consequences are when these are disturbed, will lead to insights in the pathophysiology of age-related diseases and will lead to the development of rational therapies. In the laboratory several Drosophila (fruitfly) lines have been generated that serve as models to understand complex neurodegenerative disorders.


To understand the basic mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of specific complex neurodegenerative diseases such as Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA), neuroacanthocytosis and Huntington’s disease. Basic mechanisms will be identified in Drosophila models and will subsequently be investigated in mammalian cells and in mice models. Novel insights will be used to investigate possible strategies for therapies.  


A broad variety of techniques are currently used in our laboratory to perform the research, such as molecular cell biology techniques, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitations, live recordings, confocal analysis, molecular genetics, Western Blot, Northern Blot, PCR, tissue culturing, ageing studies, behavioral analysis, HPLC analysis, etc.

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Curriculum Vitae

CV Ody C.M. Sibon

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