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Call for papers of a Special Issue titled “Mitochondria: Key Organelle in Parkinson’s Disease” (lead guest editor: Rubén Gómez-Sánchez (PI: Fulvio Reggiori)June 01, 2015
Article published in Nature Methods (de Boer et al.): CLEM: Ultrastructure lights up!June 01, 2015
Steven Bergink's ALW open program application ("DNA damage leads to nuerodegeneration via metastable proteins") got awarded (for a PhD student position)May 18, 2015
Thesis defense Marcelo Bispo de Jesus: 'Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy: an in vitro study in prostate cancer cells'May 18, 2015
Biochemical Journal research article ("Size-dependent internalization of particles via the pathways of clathrin- and caveolae-mediated endocytosis", by Joanna Rejman, Volker Oberle, Inge Zuhorn & Dick Hoekstra, 2004) has been cited >1000 times !May 13, 2015
Article published in Trends in Cell Biology: "Mechanisms of apical-basal axis orientation and epithelial lumen positioning" by Arend OvereemMay 12, 2015
Rob Coppes received Bacq and Alexander Award from the ERRS (European Radiation Research Society)May 11, 2015
"Nanotomy of skin in blistering diseases" published by Sokol et al. (and open access data)March 20, 2015
A new probe CLEM published by Kuipers et al.March 19, 2015
Interview with Rob Coppes about Proton therapy:March 18, 2015
Defense thesis Lalitha (Yamini) NanduriNovember 12, 2014
Accepted and published in Stem Cell Reports - Purification and Ex Vivo Expansion of Fully Functional Salivary Gland Stem CellsNovember 10, 2014
New article Li-Y and Dijkers-PF "Specific calcineurin isoforms are involved in Drosophila Toll immune signaling" Journal of Immunology, in press.November 10, 2014
Thesis Defense Melania Minoia: 30 JuneJune 30, 2014
Inge Zuhorn in the Year of the Brain calendarMay 08, 2014
ZonMW grant of € 100.000,- for a Translational Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough ProjectMarch 24, 2014
KWF: Onderzoeker van de week - Rob P. CoppesMarch 11, 2014
Video for "KidsInZicht" about research in the department of Cell Biology on Microvillus inclusion disease (Note: target audience are children).December 18, 2013
New article in PLoS BIOLOGY : Christiaan Slim et al.: Par1b Induces Asymmetric Inheritance of Plasma Membrane Domains via LGN-Dependent Mitotic Spindle Orientation in Proliferating Hepatocytes.December 18, 2013
Ody Sibon en Bianca Brundel bij RTL Nieuws:Fruitvliegjes zijn een zegenNovember 20, 2013
Han van der Want appointed at NTNU, Norway as professor EM & HistologySeptember 02, 2013
Fellowship (Hersenstichting Nederland) for Steven BergingJuly 29, 2013
New article (Tjakko van Ham et al.) published in Disease Models & MechanismsJune 30, 2013
Editorial on a.o. article Zia ur Rehman:June 17, 2013
VIDI Grant received by Inge ZuhornMay 15, 2013
Huntington Stimulation Grant (25.000,- euro) received by Harrie Kampinga and Inge Zuhorn: Bescherming van Huntington muizen tegen PolyQ eiwit aggregatie door afgifte van DNAJB6 in de hersenen met behulp van nanocarriersMay 15, 2013
New Article in Nature Cell Biology: Steven Bergink et al.: Role of Cdc48/p97 as a SUMO-targeted segregase curbing Rad51-Rad52 interactionMay 15, 2013
Press release: with 'Google maps' inzoomen op Eilandjes van Langerhans" - cooperation LUMC and UMCG (ao: Giepmans BNG)May 08, 2013
New article in Scientific Reports: Ravelli RBG (LUMC) et al (last author: Giepmans BNG (UMCG): "Destruction of Tissue, Cells and Organelles in Type 1 Diabetic Rats Presented at Macromolecular Resolution"May 08, 2013
Article published (ur Rehman, Z et al., PI: Zuhorn): Mechanisms of polyplex- and lipoplex-mediated delivery of nucleic acids: Real-time visualization of transient membrane destabilization without endosomal lysis. Impact factor: 11.421May 08, 2013
Article Schnell, Cirulli and Giepmans published in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes: "EpCAM: Structure and function in health and disease"April 25, 2013
Article Ulrike Schnell published in Human Molecular GeneticsMarch 07, 2013
Article Ulrike Schnell published in Bioscience ReportsFebruary 18, 2013
Article Van der Want et al. in Molecular PsychiatryFebruary 14, 2013
Article Josephine Stoffels published in Brain:February 14, 2013
Harrie Kampinga: Special Issue The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology - Directed Issue: Small HSPs in Physiology and PathologyOctober 05, 2012
Tjakko van Ham - KennisInZicht: "Vissen naar kennis over hersenziekten"October 02, 2012
Intermediair (34/2012): interview met Dick Hoekstra en Inge Zuhorn: Smokkelroute naar het breinSeptember 13, 2012
Article Zia ur Rehman in ACS Nano (IF 11.421)September 13, 2012
Inge Zuhorn: Kennislink artikel - Medicijntaxi kan hersenbarriere omzeilenSeptember 13, 2012
Tjakko van Ham received NWO Veni grant and Marie Curie Integration grantAugust 07, 2012
Large-scale imaging of human Islets: JDRF program nPODvJuly 25, 2012
Jeroen T.J. Visser in het nieuws over diabetes onderzoek bij MAXMarch 29, 2012
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