PI: Giepmans B.N.G.

University Medical Center Groningen

Giepmans lab

Principal investigator Ben Giepmans (left) and Nanotomy of Islets (www.nanotomy.nl)
Principal investigator Ben Giepmans (left) and Nanotomy of Islets (www.nanotomy.nl)

Ben Giepmans [Biosketch] research focuses on cell-cell junctions in diseases, with special interest in the pancreatic beta cell, which is destroyed in type 1 diabetes. Publications

Cellular Imaging: We combine electron microscopy, including nanotomy, with the fluorescent toolbox [PDF] and develop and implement probes for correlative microscopy in clinical diagnosis and cell biology.

Tjakko van Ham [Biosketch ] is interested in the immune responses to cell death in the living brain. His research is aimed at gaining insight into the action of e.g. microglia and astrocytes, relevant to diseases like Alzheimer's, using zebrafish models. Publications

Zebrafish models of disease
We develop and use imaging and high-throughput screening approaches in zebrafish models for diseases.

UMCG Microscopy and Imaging Center (UMIC)

Assists and performs light microscopy and electron microscopy in areas ranging from clinical diagnosis, protein imaging and material sciences.

Electron Microscopes - SEM, TEM, Supra  (
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[DOCX] Contact: Email: Jeroen Kuipers / cell: 06 1298 3675  

High- end fluorescence microscopes (
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