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founded in 1614  -  top 100 university

PI: Giepmans B.N.G.

University Medical Center Groningen

Giepmans lab

Principal investigator Ben Giepmans and Nanotomy of Islets (
Principal investigator Ben Giepmans and Nanotomy of Islets (

Ben Giepmans [Biosketch] research focuses on cell-cell junctions in diseases, with special interest in the pancreatic beta cell, which is destroyed in type 1 diabetes. Publications

Cellular Imaging: We combine electron microscopy, including nanotomy, with the fluorescent toolbox and develop and implement probes for correlative microscopy in clinical diagnosis and cell biology.

UMCG Microscopy & Imaging Center - UMIC

Assists and performs microscopy in areas ranging from clinical diagnosis, protein imaging and material sciences.

Electron Microscopes - SEM, TEM, Supra - Intake form
Contact: Jeroen Kuipers, cell: 06 1298 3675  

High- end fluorescence microscopes -
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Klaas Sjollema, cell: 06 5393 1741 / 06 25646795

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