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Bio-Organic Chemistry

Mission Statement

The Bio-organic Chemistry group is embedded in the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry and closely connected to the group of Prof. Feringa (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) and Dr. Roelfes (Biomolecular Chemistry). We are on the eighth floor of the Linnaeusborg. The interests of the group are:

  • Homogeneous catalysis and organocatalysis.
  • The application of the developed catalysis in the preparation of complex natural products.
  • The study of the biological activity of the prepared natural products and derivatives thereof (“molecular editing”) in collaboration with biologists.
  • Structure-based design of small-molecule inhibitors.
  • Solubilisation of small-molecule inhibitors.

Group Leaders:

Prof Dr Ir A. J. Minnaard, e-mail:

Dr A. K. H. Hirsch, e-mail:

Dr M. Witte, e-mail:

Contact Information
Telephone +31 50 363 4235
FAX +31 50 363 4296
Secretariat H. H. (Hilda) Biemold +31 50 363 4235
Postal address

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 7

NL-9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands

E-mail General information:

PhD theses are available on-line as pdf, see:

The publications of the group are available on-line (pdf), see:

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