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Auto-catalytic and cross-catalytic systems

Dr. S. Harutyunyan

The interests of our group span the disciplines of catalysis in organic and organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on emergence of chirality, elucidation of mechanisms.

Much of our work focuses on studies toward origin of life and homochirality. In this respect we are currently developing self-replicating systems based on autocatalytic and cross-catalytic reaction networks using prebiotically relevant organic molecules.

Another area of our research focus is mechanistically directed development of radically new metathesis catalysts.

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Main focus

· Developing prebiotically relevant auto- cross catalytic reactions

· Studies towards asymmetric amplification , origin of homochirality

· Developing new enantioselective catalytic processes

· Developing new metathesis catalysts

· Elucidating reaction mechanisms with accent on NMR and kinetic studies

Recent research highlights:

Our 2 papers in Nature Chemistry have been highlighted in Nature and Chemical&Engineering news.

N ature Chemistry, 2011, doi:10.1038/nchem

Highlighted in:

Nature , 471, 413, 2011

C&N ,42, march 24, 2011

Nature Chemistry , 3, 53-60, 2010.


C&N , 49, november 8, 2010

ChemistryWorld , 2010

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