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Legal History

H.J. Scheltema - Symposium on Byzantine Law

Theme:         Byzantine Law
Date:            mon 23-06-2014
                    tue 24-06-2014
Time:           11.00 - 17.00 hrs. (both days)
Location:       Senaatskamer (Academy Building, University of Groningen), Broerstraat 5, Groningen

On 24 June 2014, Prof. Giuseppe Falcone will give his solemn address marking his acceptance of the H.J. Scheltema-chair of Byzantine Law at the University of Groningen. Preceding this festive occasion, the Department of Legal History in cooperation with the University of Palermo (Italy) will host a Symposium on Byzantine Law in Groningen, the Netherlands, on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of June 2014. The symposium will be held in the Senaatskamer, Academy Building (Broerstraat 5), Groningen.

The aim of the symposium is to present the results of the two year cooperation between Groningen and Palermo following the establishment of the H.J. Scheltema-chair. All those with an interest in Byzantine Law are invited to attend the lectures. For the provisional programme, see below.

The results will also be published in the Subseciva Groningana, scheduled to appear in June 2014.

Registration & Fees

To register for the symposium, please contact the Department of Legal History by email:

Registration is open until June 10, 2014. There is no registration fee.


During the symposium lectures will be given by Dutch and Italian scholars of Byzantine Law (see below). The symposium precedes the inaugural lecture by Prof. Falcone upon his acceptance of the H.J. Scheltema-chair of Byzantine Law.

The programme of speakers:

Monday, June 23


Welcome by the Dean of the Faculty of Law


Jan H.A.Lokin,

The first constitution of the Codex Justinianus


Salvatore Sciortino (Univ. Palermo),

Thalelaios' translations  and the first draft of the commentary on the
Codex Iustinianus


lunch au frais des participants


Tom van Bochove,

Preluding the Basilica, but how?


Francesca Terranova (Univ. Palermo),

The ὅρος ἤτοι ἐτυμολογία of testamentum and the problem of
sources in the Paraphrase of Theophilus


Bernard H. Stolte,

Graeca Pandectarum in Basilicis


Presentation of Subseciva Groningana IX to Professor Nicolaas van der Wal


Reception and dinner at Huis Groenestein
upon invitation

Tuesday, June 24


Daphne Penna,

Hagiotheodorites the last antecessor? Some remarks on one of the ‘new’ Basilica scholiasts


Stefania Scarcella (Univ. Messina)

The personality of Theophilus and the influence of his previous professional experiences on the Paraphrase

12.30- 14.00

lunch au frais des participants


Frits Brandsma,

Subsecivum Groninganum

14.45- 15.15

Short visit to the house of Prof. H.J. Scheltema, Hoge der A 8


Giuseppe Falcone,

solemn address: The ‘mysterious’ beauty of Laws


Reception in the Martinikerk, Grote Markt


Concluding banquet in the Martinikerk, Grote Markt
upon invitation

Hotels in Groningen

For those who wish to spend the night in Groningen: a list of centrally located hotels with contact information is available upon request by email:

More information

For more information on the so-called Groningen School of Byzantine Law and its research(ers), its international collaboration and the H.J. Scheltema-chair, please visit the website "The Groningen School of Byzantine Law" (in English).

For more information on other, non-Byzantine research activities of the Department of Legal History, see the departmental website (in Dutch).

For other (or English) information, please contact the Department of Legal History by email:

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