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Overzicht congressen en symposia

International Society for Evolution, Medicine & Public Helath (ISEMPH) Annual Meeting 2017
Wanneer:vr 18-08-2017 om 16:00
Waar:18-20 August: UMCG, 21 August: MartiniPlaza
European Society of Evolutionary Biology congress (ESEB 2017)
Wanneer:zo 20-08-2017 om 09:00
Waar:20-25 August 2017, MartiniPlaza (Leonard Springerlaan 2)
2017 EISS Conference: Devolution and Decentralisation of Social Security in Europe: Dismantling the Welfare State or a Democratic Promise for the Future?
Wanneer:do 28-09-2017 om 09:00
Waar:28th and 29th September 2017, Protestantse Diaconie, Nieuwe Herengracht 18, Amsterdam
AGOR: the next 20 years!
Wanneer:vr 20-10-2017 om 09:00
Waar:KVI-Center for Advanced Radiation Technology