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Literary and cultural studies

Participation in Research Colloquia and Activities

Students can participate in activities – guest lectures, research presentations and so on  of the research theme groups within the Research Centre for Arts in Society of the Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG):

Research Assistans Programme

If you are a talented and motivated student who started in September with the research master's track Literary and Cultural Studies, you can apply for a paid position of one day a week at the university. Parallel to your courses, you will participate in an (interdisciplinary) project and do research that relates to the theme Sustainable Society.

Read more about the Research Assistants Programme positions.

Staff Selection

Prof. dr. E.J. (Liesbeth) Korthals Altes is Professor of General Literature, director of ICOG and the Director of Studies for the Research Master Literary and Cultural Studies. Her areas of expertise are literary theory (especially narrative theory), values and ethics of literature and arts and Modern French literature. She teaches the first-year course Theory and Methods in the Arts.

Prof. dr. A.S. (Ann-Sophie) Lehmann is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art and director of the Research Centre Arts in Society. Her research focuses on process-based approaches to visual material culture and includes old and new media, from oil paint to software. She teaches several courses about art in different forms of media.

Dr. J. (Julian) Hanich is Associate Professor of Film Studies and his expertise lies within film and emotion, film and phenomenology, audience/reception studies, genre studies and film aesthetics. Together with prof. dr. M.G. Kemperink, he teaches the first-year course Art and the Emotions: Theory and Practical Research.

Research Schools

It is possible for research master students to participate in seminars, courses and summer schools organized by the Dutch national research schools.

Research School for Media Studies

Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA)

- Research School for Literary Studies (OSL)

- Postgraduate School for Art History (OSK)

- Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG)

These 'schools' are organized for the training of PhD and research MA students. You need to select 10 ECTS (usually 2 x 5 ECTS) from their programme offer. They also organize a variety of research related events and activities, in which you are, in most cases, very welcome as a research master student. These events give you the opportunity to deepen your disciplinary profile and to become acquainted with leading researchers and with peers in your field.

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    – Patty Huijbers
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