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Richard Jong-A-Pin shines at TEDxGroningen: We make many decisions to confirm our identity

03 november 2017
Richard Jong-A-Pin
Richard Jong-A-Pin

Very excitingly FEB’s associate professor Richard Jong-A-Pin was invited to talk at TEDxGroningen recently. Jong-A-Pin: ‘I had the honor to give a TED talk in the fully sold out Stadsschouwburg. My talk was about how we make decisions that have low-cost and low-benefit and focuses on the concept of expressive utility - the things we do to confirm our identity. In March I had written a FEBlog related to the topic and the research article which it is based on.’

The TED talk takes a more general approach than the blog ‘Why bother voting anyway? giving two main examples (one innocuous one and one more impactful one).


TEDxGroningen is an event catered to the development of mind, a medium to exchange ideas, and a place to find new insights. The collaboration was founded in 2012, by and for Groningers. It developed into the inspirational event we know today, built together with local partners and volunteers from in and around the city.

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