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The University of Groningen is not a campus university and therefore does not offer campus accommodation. However, through third parties there are many (student)houses and apartments available, which are spread all over town. Most of your courses will take place at Zernike campus ("Universiteitscomplex" on Google Maps) which is located north west of the city centre. Furthermore, we would like to stress that student housing is scarce in Groningen and we advise all our students to book their accommodation as soon as they have received their acceptance letter and before 1 June for semester one (Fall) or before 1 December for semester two (Spring). To know your arrival/departure date, please make sure to study the academic calendar . Also, keep in mind that the introduction events always take place in the week before courses start.

We advise you to book your accommodation with an organisation that is specialized in (international) student housing: SSH. SSH is not the only organisation that offers student accommodation, yet it is the most reliable source for offering international students fitted and furnished rooms with prices that are inclusive (electricity, water, etc.). Many other agencies do not offer inclusive prices and/or furnished rooms. The University of Groningen has reserved a number of rooms and apartments for its international students and staff with this organisation. The number of accommodations that the University has reserved with SSH is limited, and is offered on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you apply, the more chances you have.

We would like to stress to please not contact the FEB exchange office about accommodation issues such as extending your rental period, arriving earlier etc. You will need to forward these questions to SSH.

Before you make your booking with SSH...

SSH informs you about the procedure and the conditions on their website. We would like to advise you to make sure that you studied their website, e.g. read the rental guide, as it contains important information. Once you signed your rental agreement, you also signed for the conditions. We highlight some important aspects:

  1. When booking your accommodation with SSH, you will sign a rental agreement for a fixed rental period, either 5 (1 semester) or 10 (2 semesters) months. This means that even if you would like to leave the accommodation one month earlier, you will still have to pay for this minimum period.
  2. The rent starts on the first day of the month. It is, however, possible to have your rental period start a few days earlier. You will have to contact SSH to see if this is possible for the accommodation you have chosen.
  3. You will finalize your booking by paying the administration fee and the first and last month of your rent. This payment can only be made by Mastercard or Visa credit card!
  4. Realize that once you booked and paid for your accommodation, there will be no reimbursement of the money in case of cancellation!
  5. FEB exchange office only confirms a booking for those students that received an acceptance letter.
  6. Please do not contact the FEB exchange office about accommodation issues such as extending your rental period, arriving earlier, etc. You will need to forward these questions to SSH. Remember, SSH is the organisation where you rent from!

How to book your reserved accommodation with SSH

>> SSH supplies detailed explanation about the steps in booking your reserved accommodation in Groningen.

>> Here you will find an overview of the reserved accommodation options

>> Here you will find the registration form

>> contact details SSH

>> Important:

  • When filling in the registration form, you will need to fill in for "Type of Resident": RUG & Hanze exchange student.
  • Please note that you do not need to fill in your student number (since you may not yet have this), but you will need to upload an ID or passport (e.g. make a photograph of it with your smartphone and upload it).

Tips and advice on other ways to find accommodation

Although we advise you to use the services of SSH, there are other options for finding accommodation. Before we show you a list of alternatives, please realize that renting a room through all of these services falls under your own responsibility. Also please realize that often the prices do not include furniture and/or water/electricity, etc. Below you find the details of some other corporations/real estate agents/platforms to which you can turn when looking for accommodation:

SSH guarantees reliable service. Should you prefer to search for housing on your own, we urge you to be aware that there may be untrustworthy landlords and unreliable room agencies. We therefore ask you to take note of the following tips:

  • In the summer months and at the beginning of the Academic year there are a lot of students trying to find accommodation, it is wise to start looking for a room early
  • If you try to find housing on your own, please make sure to do this through official websites or companies that you can trace
  • Do not go to a viewing alone (preferably bring a local)
  • Do not pay anything before you have made clear agreements in writing
  • Always ask for a payment receipt
  • A rent that is too low for the location or type of housing as well as unrecognizable pictures of the location may indicate fraudulent practices
  • Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers
  • If you wish to rent a room outside the city center in a building that has 3 or more residents, you should check if the proprietor has the correct permit.
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