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We would like to stress that student housing is scarce in Groningen and we advise all our students to book their accommodation as soon as they have received their acceptance letter.

It is important to study the academic calendar so that you know your arrival and departure date. Please also keep in mind that all exams and retakes can only be done at our faculty (and not at your home university).

The University of Groningen is not a campus university and therefore does not offer campus accommodation. However, through third parties there are many (student)houses and apartments available, which are spread all over town. Most of your courses will take place at Zernike campus and so you might want to take that into consideration when choosing your location for housing. Please find the address and a map of Zernike campus here.

>> please note that for semester 2 it will be possible to apply for housing from 1 November onwards. This is a new organisation in Groningen that will then be responsible for handling your reservation for accommodation: SSH. To assist you in finding student housing, you can use the services of the SSH. The SSH is not the only organisation that offers student accommodation, yet it is the most reliable source for offering international students furnished rooms with prices that are inclusive (electricity, water etc). Many other agencies do not offer inclusive prices and/or furnished rooms. The SSH is an organisation, which acts as an intermediary in finding temporary furnished accommodation for all international guests on behalf of the University of Groningen.

Procedure with SSH

We expect that f rom 1 November onwards the procedure on how to apply for accommodation with SSH will be available.

We already would like to stress that you will pay for a minimum period of either 5  (1 semester) or 10 months (2 semesters). This means that even if you would like to leave the accommodation one month earlier, you will still have to pay for this minimum period.

  • semester 1 = September until February (with possibility of starting your rental agreement in August
  • semester 2 = February until July (with possibility to extend your rental agreement in July
  • semester 1 + 2 = September until July (with possibility of starting your rental agreement in August and extend it in July)

Deadlines for booking accommodation

Make sure to fill in the exact day of arrival and departure and make sure to arrive in Groningen in time. Please take into account that attending the Induction and Enrolment programme is compulsory! Student housing is extremely scarce in Groningen (especially for the first semester!) so please make sure to book your accommodation in time.

>> Our advice would be to book your reservation of accommodation a.s.a.p. but certainly before 1 June (for 1st semester) or 1 December (2nd semester).  

>> Please take notice of the academic calendar when booking your housing.

Tips and advice on accommodation

Besides the SSH, there are other options. Below you find the details of some other corporations/real estate agents/platforms to which you can turn when looking for accomodation:

>> Lefier:

>> Kamernet:

>> Temporary Room:

>> Housing Anywhere:

>> Op Kamers:

>> City Appartments:

Also, keep checking the facebook group for exchange students of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Leaving students sometimes post their rooms on the wall or post a message that they would like to share a room with another student.

Warning: we once had a student who was conned when she made an agreement with someone who resided in the UK and had offered her to send the key of her room by DHL - after she transferred a substantial amount of money to his bank account. Needless to say: there was no room, no key and she lost a lot of money!

NOTE: Please be aware that renting a room through all of these services falls under your own responsibility. And please also be aware that often the prices do not include furniture and/or water/electricity etc.

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