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Course Information / Faculty of Economics and Business

About our teaching

Please read the information below as it will give you an idea of our educational system. It may differ (quite a lot) from the education system that your home university has.

Background in economics and/or business is required

Exchange students choose courses from year 2 and year 3 Bachelor courses . This mean that you will already need to have a solid background in economics and business of at least one year, or covered for at least 60 ECTS in economics/business. You will need to have covered courses in statistics, financial/management accounting, economics and research methodology.

Per 2014/2015, we included a number of introductory courses for FEB exchange students. The 5 ECTS introductory courses are either first-year Bachelor or pre-Master courses. If you feel that your background in economics/business is insufficiently represented, then we strongly recommend you to choose courses at an introductory level.

Interactive learning

When you decide to do your study abroad at our faculty, please realize that the educational system here is different from what you may be used to. Our teaching style centres on students working together as a team and on self-study and self-discipline. The teacher will act as a facilitator and guide in the learning process. Interaction in class is highly appreciated. You are expected to think about the knowledge that is presented to you and develop and express your own opinion. You are free to ask questions and be critical of what lecturers or fellow students say. Use your own creativity to apply your newly-gained knowledge.

Exchange and Degree students work together in courses

Contrary to many of our partner institutions, the  Faculty of Economics and Business does not offer courses exclusively for exchange students. This means that exchange students participate in courses with our regular Degree (BSc and MSc) students. Our degree students are motivated to perform well in their courses and they will expect the same from you.

100% input from day one

Our academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is divided into 2 terms. Each term is followed by an exam period and so there are two exam periods each semester. From day one, you will need to give 100% input in order to successfully complete your courses.

Small group teaching

Small group teaching is an important element of our educational system. It means that students - exchange and degree - work together on assignments, papers, presentations etc. For many of our courses, the final grade for a course consists out of the grade for the final written exam (e.g. 50%), and the grades offered to the written assignments/presentations/group discussion (e.g. also 50%).

Reserach driven education

Furthermore, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers research driven education. This means that our education focusses on the independent practice of research-oriented work in an academic setting. Visiting exchange students find our teaching, in general, to be very academic.

Importance of good English language skills

Exchange students need to have a good English proficiency in all areas (writing/reading/listening/speaking) in order to perform well. In our experience, students whose command of English is below standard find it difficult to actively participate in small-group activities, which are a core feature of our degree courses and programmes. Writing, listening, reading and speaking skills need to be at a minimum level otherwise you will have difficulty participating in classes. In some cases, our exchange students have been unable to perform in accord with their academic capabilities. This has led some of our lecturers and students to begin to consider our exchange students as being less attractive participants in their courses and project groups, which is unfair, given the many excellent exchange students whom we receive annually. One way of solving this and assuring that our incoming students have a pleasant and successful stay studying at the Faculty of Economics is to require a satisfactory level of English as a pre-requisite for participation in our courses.

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