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Business Research and Consulting

07 augustus 2017

Deadline for course enrolment for the next semester is next week. Have you already decided what courses to apply for? If you are interested in consultancy, consider applying for Business Research and Consulting!

  • When: Block 1.1, 2017-2018
  • For : 3rd year BSc and MSc students of all programmes
  • Organisations : ranging from SME's and entrepreneurs, to municipalities and national insurance companies
  • Enrol : by filling out a web form on, deadline 14 August

Business Research & Consulting (BR&C) enables you to apply theory and knowledge to practical business matters. Gerben Wiersema, student Small Business & Entrepreneurship acknowledges that the main skill this course enabled him to develop was to translate his academic knowledge to business practice.

The course consists of a research and consultancy project for external businesses by a team of three to four students from various levels and programmes, supervised by a FEB lecturer. For ten weeks you and your team will visit an organisation, investigate their managerial issue and develop and execute a research plan. In the end you will present your findings and possible solutions to the management of the organisation. BR&C is focused on reflecting on actual situations and analytically supporting the advice you offer a client.

'The main skill I developed during this course was to translate my academic knowledge to business practice.'

Gerben Wiersema, student Small Business & Entrepreneurship

What's in it for you?

  • Experience what it’s like to work as a (junior) consultant and find out if this suits you and your ambitions;
  • get insights into actual management issues and apply your knowledge;
  • learn to solve problems from a commercial point of view;
  • learn to meet the needs of your client;
  • get insights into your own skills to better communicate your added value to employers.


Do you want to apply for BR&C in block 1.1? Then apply before 14 August. For more information and application, check or e-mail

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