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Business Research and Consulting
Gepubliceerd op:07 augustus 2017

Deadline for course enrolment for the next semester is next week. Have you already decided what courses to apply for? If you are interested in consultancy, consider applying for Business Research and Consulting!

Vacancy: teaching assistant for Information Systems Management course
Gepubliceerd op:01 augustus 2017

URGENT. Apply 16 August at the latest. Job period: September 4 2017 – November 4, 2017

Vacancies | 12 Teaching Assistants Macroeconomics for E&BE (sem 1.2)
Gepubliceerd op:27 juni 2017

0.1 FTE | Deadline 28th August

Last call! | Vacancy: Student Assistant Alumni Officer
Gepubliceerd op:26 juni 2017

Besides assisting you in career related issues, FEB Careers Company also works on maintaining alumni relations. Our Alumni Officer is responsible for this and we are now looking for a Student Assistant to complement her daily activities.

Top Internship | The Conference Board, Brussels
Gepubliceerd op:13 juni 2017

One of the Careers Company's trusted and preferred partners, The Conference Board, is looking for a Research Assistant. Are you the one they are looking for? Apply before 15 July.

Gain some serious consulting skills
Gepubliceerd op:09 juni 2017

Want to experience what it’s like to work as a consultant? After summer another edition of the 5 ECTS elective course Business Research & Consulting will start. Enrollment open until 14 August!

Vacancy | Student Assistant Customer Insights Center
Gepubliceerd op:06 juni 2017

FEB´s Customer Insights Center is looking for a true talent in organising. Want to obtain valuable experience and work in a marketing driven organisation? Apply now! Note: only open to Dutch speaking students.

20 June: Innovation Management Day
Gepubliceerd op:06 juni 2017

In collaboration with Bouwend NL, the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, and NL Engineers, Thijs Broekhuizen (Associate Professor - Innovation Management & Strategy), organises an Innovation Day for the construction and infrastructure industry. The aim of this event is to provide innovative solutions for issues raised by the Northern provinces.

Save the Date: Careers Week 2017
Gepubliceerd op:06 juni 2017

Careers Week 2-4 October | During this event you can develop your skills, meet companies and build the confidence you need to enter the economics and business job market.

Learning Communities | Keep an eye on the Student Portal!
Gepubliceerd op:31 mei 2017

After summer, you can join new Learning Communities, in which you work together with staff and students of various levels, backgounds and ages on a specific topic that has your personal interest.

Learning Communities | Playful Leadership
Gepubliceerd op:26 mei 2017

In the previous block, a group of (international) students from diverse grade levels and professionals worked on the case of how to create a canteen offering great international food to celebrate life and to keep our students energized all day, without raising costs too much?

Vacancy | FEB Careers Company Student Team members
Gepubliceerd op:23 mei 2017

The FEB Careers Company is looking for Student Team members for the next academic year! Are you a motivated, enthusiastic, helpful and responsible person, eager to develop yourself in a changing environment? Then read along, because you could just be the student we are looking for!

Master Internship | Keep an eye on the Student Portal!
Gepubliceerd op:22 mei 2017

Starting a MSc programme next year? You might want to consider doing a Master Internship (MI). Employers increasingly like to see work experience from new graduates they hire. The MI offers you the opportunity to gain this experience.

Master Internship | "I’ve lived my dream of calling New York City my home for a while"
Gepubliceerd op:19 mei 2017

Jasmijn Staal is one of the first students to participate in the Master Internship FEB started providing as a pilot this academic year. She is currently doing her internship in New York.

Info session: Silicon Valley Expedition
Gepubliceerd op:12 mei 2017

Would you like to visit Silicon Valley and learn all about this inspiring business centre? On 24 May you can hear all about this exciting expedition. Come in and find out!

Info session: internships in Malaysia
Gepubliceerd op:09 mei 2017

Would you like to gain some international experience and broaden your horizon? On 15 May you can hear all about exchange options in Malaysia. Come in and find out!

Vacancy: Associate ING Grootzakelijk
Gepubliceerd op:03 mei 2017

Vacancy Associate ING Grootzakelijk. Note: this vacancy is for Dutch-speaking graduates only

Last reminder: Sign up before 27 April | Practice your consultancy skills at Univé
Gepubliceerd op:25 april 2017

Interested in composing an advice for a major insurance company? Sign up for a special assignment within Business Research & Consulting. Deadline 27 April.

Career News 2.2 | Events, Workshops, Vacancies and Learning Communities
Gepubliceerd op:20 april 2017

LinkedIn photoshoot | new Learning Communities | Master Internship | Board positions | Workshops | Alumni Network

Innovative company is looking for advice
Gepubliceerd op:20 april 2017

Interested in composing an advice for an innovative and creative company? Sign up for a special assignment within Business Research & Consulting. Deadline 27 April.

Learning Communities | "There is more to life than just grasping knowledge"
Gepubliceerd op:05 april 2017

Every faculty of the University of Groningen has its own Learning Communities. Learning Communities provide a kind of safe haven where teachers and students come together with companies and alumni and start working on a specific project.

Have your LinkedIn picture taken!
Gepubliceerd op:31 maart 2017

Want to strengthen your online personal branding? Drop by our next (FREE) LinkedIn photo shoot 26 April and have your professional profile picture taken! Sign up now.

Career News 2.1 | Business Challenge, Learning Communities, Events and much more
Gepubliceerd op:08 februari 2017

Last week to sign up for the new Business Challenge | International Summer School and Internships | new Learning Communities

Enhance your consulting skills: Business Challenge and BR&C
Gepubliceerd op:10 januari 2017

Want to experience what it’s like to work as a consultant? Sign up for Business Research & Consulting or the new Business Challenge in block 2.1!

Top 3 of “The 200 most influential people in the Netherlands” are all graduates of FEB
Gepubliceerd op:19 december 2016

Hans Wijers, Paul Polman and Klaas Knot are ranked 1, 2 and 3 in the annual Top 200 of most influential people, published by De Volkskrant this weekend. All three are alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen.