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Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems

21 - 28 May 2017, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium


The role of metals in biological systems is a very complex multidisciplinary subject. Europe has been at the forefront of the research effort on the role of metals in biological systems, and the development of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, as this subject is now termed. This spring school will train young scientists at this interface between physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and environmental sciences.

Traumatized Cities

19 - 24 June 2017, Medellín, Colombia


Are you interested in cities and urban life? Are you fascinated by highly complex cities such as Medellín (Colombia) or Santiago de Chile (Chile) and in the way such cities shape our social and cultural imaginations? Are you wondering how cities have been able to cope with war, disaster, violence and conflict? Then this summer school is the perfect occasion for you to engage with these and other questions.

Situated in one of the world’s most resilient and haunted cities (Medellín, Colombia), this summer school explores the nature of the urban condition before, during and, especially, after traumas.

Transitional Justice & the Politics of Memory

3 -13 July 2017, Cres, Croatia


Key themes of the course are:

  • Democratic Transitions, Human Rights, and the Role of External Actors
  • Justice and Accountability
  • Politics of Cultural Memory
  • Social Movements, Arts and Youth in Transitions
  • Conflict, Migration and Identity Politics
baobab tree

Key themes of the course are:

  • Local economic development alternatives
  • Village life: family, community, culture
  • Environment and natural resource management
  • Governance: interaction local - national
  • Population, health, migration and urbanization
  • Group-based fieldwork in selected villages

Entrepreneurship Research: new horizons

19 - 27 August 2017, Moscow, Russia


This intensive 8 day summer school will bring together students from several countries and cultural backgrounds, educational levels (BSc, Msc, PhD) and study programmes to work in interdisciplinary multilevel groups in order to explore the core themes of the European Entrepreneurship Summer School.

The school will focus on discussing the new horizons in entrepreneurship research.

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